Detective for a day



Detective for a day

An exciting mystery awaits you! You will be the detective who has to solve a case! The stages of your experience will be characteristic villages, and places of historical, artistic, cultural and enogastronomic interest. In each of these places, you will have to look for clues and talk with people informed about the facts.  A journey to be discovered step by step!

At the end, will you be able to find out the truth?

Useful information:

  • Where does the experience take place? CASTELBUONO DI BEVAGNA, BEVAGNA AND MONTEFALCO
  • How long is the experience (or How long does it take?)? ABOUT 3/4 HOURS
  • At what time does the journey start? And where? AT 9.30 am IN CASTELBUONO DI BEVAGNA
  • How does the journey take place? YOU CAN CHOOSE!

You will meet one of the characters of the story waiting for you at the point of departure and then at the end of your itinerary. You will use your car to get around. Some places will be reachable only on foot. You will move independently and we will be in touch with you using Whats App chat.
Otherwise, you can have an authorized guide who will move with you and a driver.

  • How many people can participate? As you want. We will provide you with a quotation according to the number of participants.
  • What will I need during the experience? You will need one or more charged smartphones connected to the internet, comfortable shoes and the desire to have fun!
  • What is the story about? A man has disappeared and you find his S.O.S.! He promises a reward if you help him!