Perugia Clue City – Interactive experience in the historic center of Perugia


Buying your ticket, you will have:

  • The Game map of Perugia, delivered directly from Dr. Black’s secretary;
  • A tablet to see all the scenes;
  • Free entry in Palazzo Penna Museum;
  • A Chocolate tasting in Eurochocolate Chocostore;
  • At the end of your investigation, a glass of wine for a toast!
  • Moreover, a reduction for Ranieri di Sorbello House-Museum and Etruscan Well.

Expected duration of the experience: about 3 hours.
The experience can be activated for at least two people.

A reservation is required before buying! Please, if you are interested, contact us! You can send an email to 


Inspired by the famous investigation game, Perugia Clue City will involve you in an amazing mystery!

As in an exciting detective novel, you will have to unmask a skilled thief who is hiding in the city!

Infact, the stages of this adventure will be hidden squares, characteristic alleys, panoramic points and the beautiful museum where the Gerardo Dottori collection is located.

In each of these places you will meet “virtually”, directly on your mobile device, the possible suspects: Padre Green, Prof. Plum, Miss Scarlett, Mrs White, and Notary Mustard!

You will visit all the places where the story took place and you will see, as scenes of a film, what happened in each of them! All the scenes have English subtitles!

In any place Dr. Black’s personal secretary will give you his support to reconstruct what happened and to collect clues about the thief!

Will you be able to give Dr. Black the name of the thief?